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Cardinal Manufacturing

"Filling the Skills Gap  
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Rethinking Manufacturing Education

Training for the Next Generation of Manufacturing

Parents, students, educators, and politicians agree that there's something very special about the Cardinal Manufacturing program at Eleva Strum Central High School. Whether you call it revolutionary, innovative, cutting-edge, or ground-breaking, Cardinal Manufacturing is leading the way for a new generation of manufacturing education.

Since its inception in 2006, Cardinal Manufacturing has led by example, opening its doors to other schools throughout Wisconsin and the entire USA. Workshops are held twice a year, providing a great opportunity for visiting educators and employers to meet the team at Cardinal Manufacturing, as well as local business leaders who work hand-in-hand with Cardinal Manufacturing (more workshop info here). In 2014, Eleva Strum Central High School worked with consultants and state government to create a guide to replicating the Cardinal Manufacturing program in other schools (available online here).

In 2016, the dream grew yet bigger, imagining the development of a model educational center for manufacturing. Cardinal Manufacturing is working to take this innovative program nationwide, teaching the next generation of manufacturers both the soft skills and technical skills needed in a new world of high-tech manufacturing. Expansion plans include doubling the floor space for an additional classroom, meeting rooms, storage, and more machinery including a robotic welder and a CNC plasma table. A new woodworking department with CNC routers is also planned.

Watch the following video to get a virtual tour of the planned expansion.

IMTS Talk 2016: Revolutionizing Manufacturing Education

Cardinal Manufacturing's Public Relations Director John Silveria appeared on IMTS TV during the 2016 International Machine Technology Show to share how Cardinal Manufacturing is now spreading the model for career training around the country.

Teacher Workshops

Many teachers and administrators contact Cardinal Manufacturing each year to learn how to create a program like it in their districts.  Upcoming workshops currently include Thursday, January 30, 2020 to show you how we started and how we do things today.

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