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Cardinal Manufacturing - A Student-run Business

Cardinal Manufacturing School-Based Enterprise Model Quick Start Guide

Have a Vision:  Be sure you have a fundamental understanding of what you want to do and how you will accomplish it.

Identify Partners/Customers:  Identify intersections of interests and how they might assist to begin with and as your vision grows.  Begin to explore your ideas through meetings with individuals and firms.

Obtain Approval: Before seeking official approval of your School District Administration or Board, you are likely to want to obtain encouragement and support of the idea from the school district leadership.  Share your enthusiasm and vision, help them understand the benefits for students and the district and put financial concerns to rest.

Take Stock:  Inventory your current space and equipment then clean, paint, organize and improve.

Launch:  Jump in and make the project go.  Your program will continue to gain momentum and become more successful with each passing semester.

Set High Standards:  Expect your students to perform to high standards and they will not let you down.  You will get more of what you reinforce.

Tell Your Story:  Tell your story to anyone who will listen and rewards will come your way from unexpected sources.

Prepare for Success:  Once it comes it will continue.  Be ready when you have a one-year, three-year, and five-year plan. 

Click here to download the Cardinal MFG Guidebook for School Districts 2014.

Teacher Workshops

Many teachers and administrators contact Cardinal Manufacturing each year to learn how to create a program like it in their districts.  Upcoming workshops currently include Thursday, January 20, 2020 to show you how we started and how we do things today.

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