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"Filling the Skills Gap  
  One Student at a Time"

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Cardinal Manufacturing Open House 2013 - Todd Wenzel"Filling the Skills Gap, One Student at a Time" is the slogan by which Cardinal Manufacturing thrives. By teaching the students real job skills and simultaneously imparting critical life skills like respect,responsibility, and teamwork, Cardinal Manufacturing prepares participants for success by any standard. The skills learned provide students extraordinary opportunities to earn a great living wage while simultaneously working on college degrees.

Cardinal Manufacturing Open House

The innovative program at Cardinal Manufacturing is made possible through the contributions of businesses and individuals like you. Small and large donations alike are crucial to the cause. Craig Cegielski at AMBA 2014Supporting Cardinal Manufacturing, you and your company can change lives and reshape our technical education system.

The annual open house serves as a great networking event and fundraiser for the program, bringing together interested businesses from around the country with the local community. Fun events and raffles get the entire community – students, families, educators, and local businesses involved. Attendees can see the year's developments and progress, equipment and projects. Food and raffles raise money for tools and equipment - over $10,000 in donations in 2013. See photos from the 2013 fundraiser by clicking here.

Cardinal Manufacturing has gained national attention for its self-sustaining business model for education. Articles and videos tell about the program from various points of view and feedback from students, parents, educators and community leaders unanimously endorse the program for the quality of education and its self-funding. Students and business leaders agree that graduates are well-prepared for lucrative technical careers. Program creator Craig Cegielski has addressed national industry associations at trade shows and conferences, helping raise awareness of this innovative concept.

AMBA Annual Conference 2014A hundred or more calls and emails a week come in from around the country, asking for help creating more programs like Cardinal Manufacturing. Now a guide for replicating programs like Cardinal Manufacturing is in development, and workshops for educators and community leaders are planned to begin next summer.

Cardinal Manufacturing claims to filling the skills gap one student at a time. In a broader sense, Cardinal Manufacturing is changing the world of technical education throughout the United States.

Cardinal Manufacturing needs your support to meet and exceed Nexen's challenge for matching funds to add to the machinery needed to grow this program. Donate Today!

Cardinal Manufacturing-Nexen Challenge
c/o Eleva-Strum School District
attn: Craig Cegielski
W23597 US Hwy 10
Strum, WI 54770

Teacher Workshops

Many teachers and administrators contact Cardinal Manufacturing each year to learn how to create a program like it in their districts.  Upcoming workshops currently include Thursday, January 30, 2020 to show you how we started and how we do things today.

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